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Mobile Numbers

A mobile number provides a modern, always available and personal impression.

We provide you with a virtual mobile number, that you can link to any number destination of your choice. This means the number is assigned to you in the cloud and you do not receive a SIM card.

All incoming calls can be forwarded to any number destination of your choice, meaning you can give your communication a personal approach without juggling multiple communication devices.

Mobile number at a glance

Normal mobile cost for the caller


Personal impression instead of corporate


Flexible appearance – reachable everywhere

National appeal but internationally reachable

Preferred number type of new generations



Mobile numbers are ideal when your business depends on providing your customers with a personal impression and always reachable service. Having a mobile number gives your customers the impression that they can contact you whenever they need to, wherever you are. Mobile numbers are also often the more favourable number format for customers of a younger generation and so could be ideal if you have a younger target audience.


Requesting a mobile number can be done in a couple of clicks. Check the coverage on the map below to see where we offer mobile numbers.

A mobile number can also be combined with one of our customer communication apps for improved tracking and analysis.