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Local Numbers

A local number improves your customer communication by providing your customers with a feeling of a local presence.  For example, your Amsterdam based company would have an Amsterdam number. We can provide local numbers in over 50 countries and 1700 major cities worldwide.

Local number at a glance


Emphasise the local presence, values and character of your company

Reachable from anywhere, making customer communications easier

Reachable from any phone

Numbers available in over 1.700 cities worldwide

Available for your customers at local rate



Using a local numbers allows you to create a local presence without sacrificing international accessibility, which helps to improve your communication with customers.


Callers from all over the world call at a local rate, so there is never a threshold.


Your local customers will feel comfortable calling a number from their own area. They do not have to dial international numbers but can dial a number they know and recognise, making your business more reputable and trustworthy.

Requesting a local number can be done in just a couple of clicks all over the world and can be combined with one of our customer communication apps.