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Freephone Numbers

With a freephone number, you can make a professional impression at no extra charge to your customers.

If your customers know they won’t be charged to contact you, they are more likely to get in touch. With a freephone business number, your customer communication will improve and so will your professional reputation.

Freephone number at a glance

Free of charge for your customers

Low threshold for your customer

Available in over 110 countries

Professional appearance

Service a national market


Free of charge for the caller as your company pays all the costs for the generated traffic. This can help to greatly improve your customer communications.

Freephone numbers are ideal for customer service purposes, sales, introductions, non-profit purposes, and advertising campaigns as well as for telesales. With a freephone business number, you will be able to gain new customers by providing leads with somewhere to call as well as improving the response to your campaigns and increasing the profile of your business.

The freephone service is available nationally, within your country.


Requesting a freephone number can be done in a couple of clicks from anywhere in the world. Your new freephone number can be also combined with one of our customer communication apps. You can set everything up online, including ordering and managing, making the process smooth and easy.