For every number the perfect package

Why Custom?

Custom provides you with an engineering tool containing all thinkable call routing features. All the features provided in Basic, Complete and Advanced are available, and more exclusive features such as the ability to incorporate other systems (such as CRM) into your flow via XML-RPC.

With Custom you will be able to take any of these features and build your unique flow. Simply take the features from the feature library and place them in a tree to build you flow. Custom enables you to build as many flows with as many numbers as you like, the monthly fee is all inclusive.

This is an ideal solution for companies in need of highly specialised call flows. These flows can be build by you or you can have our engineers build it for you for an additional fee.

With the Custom Package the possibilities are endless.


More than 18 predefined reports that cover all types of management information.

Custom Reporting

Create your own reports. Combine default available variables or define your own.

Report Scheduling

Share reports on set frequencies with your team. Get everybody involved.


Real-time monitor inbound traffic, your agents and the queue.

Agent Management

Create your own library of destinations and organise them in groups to be used in any flow.

Audio Management

Create your own library of audio files to be used in any call flow.

Agent Tool

Portal for agents to set their availability.

Schedule Management

Central library of weekplans and calendar’s to be used in any flow.

Number Management

Assign one or more of your numbers to any of the Custom flows.

List Management

Define and manage tables of information which canbe used in flows (e.g. a postal code list)

Account Management

Manage user and their rights.