About Us

Who we are

We are a global communications provider and started delivering simple and efficient communication solutions in 1998. We help to optimise customer contacts by offering an online platform for business telecommunications where our customers, both national and international, can order real-time phone numbers and cloud-based applications online, in more than 140 countries.

What we do

We deliver customer contact solutions by offering telephone numbers and telecommunication services to the business market. This will improve the company’s accessibility, image and professional image

We offer customer communication solutions including:

Service and telephone numbers in more than 140 countries

Cloud-based applications that allow you to easily and quickly manage your own access

Choose from simple solutions, with only a phone or service number, or extended solutions with various applications and real-time monitoring.
We have a solution for every customer contact challenge.

Solving your communication problems

We continuously work to solve our customers’ accessibility problems by offering professional telephone numbers and customer contact solutions. TelecomTAG offers online real-time phone numbers with ready-to-use applications.

Our communication solutions mean that our customers are accessible in the region of their customers and are able to quickly and independently customise their routing.

We provide our customers with a professional look and feel through professional phone numbers to help them improve customer communications.

Why choose TelecomTAG

Our platform is fully online, meaning everything can be organised and maintained in one digital environment. We make ordering phone numbers and applications in real-time quick and simple as well as being available in more than 140 countries.

We provide a simple and reliable service with no lengthy consultancy processes or long waiting times. We provide efficient and cost-effective account managers, project plans and service managers. Both the ordering and the management processes take place via our online platform, keeping the process of improving your customer communication simple and efficient. All our contracts have a high level of continuity – regardless of your country. We provide you with one contact and one contract for all your services.

To ensure we continue to deliver the best quality service, we endeavour to live by four words: